That awesome SuperWoman ❤

Hello, I do promo as well! Just leave me a message! I follow back too! Don't be shy, I'm a very friendly person if you really do get to know me! :)

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The name of this awesome girl here is Jeanie, 22 years old this year. I am from an awesome country which is just a small little red dot on the map, namely Singapore. I can be very thick-skinned at times, and inferior at times. But once you start getting to know me, you will actually realize that I'm a very crazy and easy-going person! So come on, I don't bite!

Ps; I'm just a naive woman who had been hurt over and over again. Old saying but I still gotta say, love sucks.

❤ Dreamcatchers
❤ Earrings
❤ Hello Kitty
❤ Adam Levine
❤ Chris Evans
❤ One Direction
❤ Katy Perry
❤ Pretty Little Liars
❤ Hamsters
❤ Rainbows
❤ Japan
❤ Maldives
❤ Paris
❤ Las Vegas
❤ Blue Roses

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